Cut Down The Noise

We're Hiring

Join an exciting start-up that is reinventing threat intelligence. ThreshingFloor helps companies identify high-risk cybersecurity threats by filtering out the massive volume of alerts that are just background noise. ThreshingFloor's large network of sensors listen to Internet traffic; that traffic is correlated, aggregated, and analyzed to find and isolate noise-related features in order to surface the real threats to an organization's cybersecurity. Our suite of products integrates with the tools organizations already uses like Splunk, Polarity, and the linux command line, which helps cyber analysts respond faster and make accurate and efficient decisions.

ThreshingFloor is growing by leaps and bounds and is in need of talented people to join our ranks. We’re actively looking to add exceptional people to our team who align with how we envision ourselves culturally and professionally. You will represent a team of people who love what they do and who they work with.