Cut Down The Noise

Noise: The greatest risk to cybersecurity

ThreshingFloor helps you identify high-risk cybersecurity threats by filtering out the massive volume of alerts that are just background noise. 

ThreshingFloor's large network of sensors listen to Internet traffic; that traffic is correlated, aggregated, and analyzed to find and isolate noise-related features in order to surface the real threats to your organization's cybersecurity.

Your enterprise already has too many alerts to triage. Cut down the noise and focus on the threats that matter.


Introducing reaper


Our product, Reaper, injects the power of ThreshingFloor's technology into the tools your enterprise already uses today like Splunk, Polarity, and even the linux command line. Reaper helps cyber analysts respond faster and make accurate and efficient decisions. Enable your cybersecurity team to overcome information paralysis by helping them focus on alerts that are critical, and to ignore ones that are not.

Interested in how ThreshingFloor's Reaper can empower your cybersecurity team with the ability to cut down the noise?


The Tech

Current integrations include Splunk, Polarity, and our free CLI tool. 
View on GitHub here.

Try Reaper today with one command:


The Team

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Curt Barnard,
Founder / CEO

Curt has spent the last decade becoming an expert in cyber security. He graduated with a Masters of Science from the Air Force Institute of Technology in Cyber Operations, practiced as a Cyber Operator at the NSA, honed his startup knowledge at Endgame, and learned the ins and outs of venture capital at In-Q-Tel. His uniquely qualified insight led him to create a game-changing cyber security product.

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Greg Jones,
Head of Engineering

Greg got his start 15 years ago monitoring network intrusions in a SOC. Since then he has taken part in developing solutions for a wide range of problems. He has worked in anti-spam, disease and outbreak surveillance, financial regulatory compliance, and endpoint detection and response. Most recently Greg led a team to develop a SaaS platform in the fitness industry serving thousands of users.

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Ben Hood,
Head of Product

Ben has been an entrepreneur and digital product manager for over a decade, most recently focused on energy and cybersecurity. He has extensive experience creating big data applications for the U.S. government, and began his career at Winamp and AOL Video. Ben has undergraduate degrees in computer engineering and physics, and a Ph.D. in astrophysics.

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